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These are some of the items we carry in our store.
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Tea Ceremony Supplies & Tea

Ikebana Supplies & Vases


Lamps & Home Decor

Noren & Furoshiki

Calligraphy & Ink Painting Supplies

Art Posters, Prints & Scrolls

Dolls & Figurines

Games, Toys & Puzzles

Paper, Books & Other Items

We carry kokeshi dolls, geisha dolls, old hina dolls, paper dolls, daruma, maneki neko, paper mache masks, noh masks, hagoita, koi nobori (windsocks) and good luck charms.

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Little Girl Dolls


Maneki Neko

Paper Mache Masks

Noh Masks


Good Luck Charms
Paper Dolls

We sell go board games, shogi board games, traditional toys and Japanese puzzle boxes. We also have hanafuda cards, iroha cards and the 100 poem card game.

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Shogi Sets
Go Sets
Paper Balloons
Hanafuda Cards
Iroha Cards
Puzzle Boxes
Wood Balances