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These are some of the items we carry in our store.
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Tea Ceremony Supplies & Tea

Ikebana Supplies & Vases


Lamps & Home Decor

Noren & Furoshiki

Calligraphy & Ink Painting Supplies

Art Posters, Prints & Scrolls

Dolls & Figurines

Games, Toys & Puzzles

Paper, Books & Other Items

We sell Japanese kimono, yukata, lined yukata, haori (kimono jackets), hakama (men's formal dress pants), uchikake (wedding kimono), jinbei (top and shorts sets), samue (top and pants sets), girl's kimono, happi coats, obi, t-shirts and hachimaki (head ties).

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Men's Yukata

Men's Lined Yukata

Men's Colour Yukata

Ladies' Yukata

Ladies' Colour Yukata

Ladies' Colour Yukata

Happi Coats


We sell tabi style socks, formal cotton tabi, nylon tabi, tatami zori, ladies' zori, children's zori, men's setta, ladies' geta, men's geta, girls' geta and jikatabi.

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Cotton Tabi
Cotton Tabi
Nylon Tabi
Tatami Zori
Ladies' Geta
Men's Geta